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Philippines Labor Force Survey Unemployment Rate New Concept

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6.00 - 6.70
Frequency: Quarterly every January, April, July & October Starting April 2005, the new unemployment definition was adopted per National Statistical Coordination Board Resolution no. 15 dated October 20, 2004. As indicated in the said resolution, the unemployed include all persons who are 15 years old and over as of their last birthday and are reported as (1) without work, and (2) currently available for work, and (3) seeking work OR not seeking work due to valid reasons. Historical data for the new definition is not available. The old definition considers only 2 criteria (1) without work and (2) looking for work including those not seeking work with valid reasons. Please see PHLFURTO index for the old concept. Historical data for the new concept is not available. Data series begins April 2005.