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New Zealand Labor Force Participation Rate SA

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The Household Labour Force Survey (HLFS) is conducted on a quarterly basis to provide a comprehensive portrayal of New Zealand's labour force. The target (working age) population for the HLFS is the civilian usually resident non-institutionalised population aged 15 and over. The HLFS sample contains around 15,000 private households and around 30,000 individuals each quarter. Statistics New Zealand series code is HLFQ.S1E3S The 'labour force participation rate' is the total labour force expressed as a percentage of the working-age population. Note that this definition includes all those aged over 15 in the numerator (the total labour force) and the denominator (the working age-population). This definition is the most appropriate for the New Zealand labour market, New Zealand does not have a compulsory retirement age, and many workers stay in the labour force beyond the age of 65. Using this definition also means that the measure will reflect changes in labour market demographics, in particular the increasing number of employees working beyond 65 years of age.