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Japan Weekly Securities Investment Abroad Medium & Long Term Bonds Net

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52Wk Range
-3,072.1 - 1,123.4
52Wk Range
-3,072.10 - 1,123.40
Based on reports from designated major investors "Designated Major Investors" indicate banks, financial instuments firms, insurance companies, investment trust management companies and asset management companies, et. that were designated by the Minister of Finance in accordance with Article 21 of the Ministrial Ordinance Concenrning Report on Foreign Exchange transactions, etc. Negative figures (-) of "Net" shows capital inflow. Schedule of release falls on the 4th business day of the week (usually Thursday). In the event of consecutive holidays in Japan, which leads to no 4th business day such as in May and September, the MOF will then report 2 weeks worth of data the following week. For the schedule, please refer to { _securities/schedule.htm} Japanese investors' net transactions of overseas long-term debt securities.