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Indonesia Headline CPI - Core Inflation YoY 2012=100

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4.02 - 5.04
- Index rebased to 2007=100 effective June 2008. For previous historical data, please refer to {ALLX IJCF}, with base year 2002=100. - Methodology : Core inflation is a measure of inflation which excludes certain items that face volatile price movements i.e. energy, food products. Indonesia Core Inflation is inflation influenced by fundamentals: - Supply-demand interaction - The external environment: exchange rate, international commodity prices, inflation in trading partners - Inflation expectations among traders and consumers. Indonesia Non Core Inflation is inflation influenced by factors other than fundamentals, as follows : - Volatile Foods Inflation : Inflation influenced by shocks in the foodstuffs category, such as harvests, natural disasters, and crop disease. - Inflation in Administered Prices : Inflation influenced by shocks resulting from Government actions in administered prices, e.g., fuel prices, electricity billing rates, transport fares, etc.