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France Jobseekers Total SA

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52Wk Range
3,415.0 - 3,553.5
52Wk Range
3,415.00 - 3,553.50
France Jobseekers Category A (DEFM). Source: STMT- DARES, ANPE. This is the total number of jobseekers looking for a full-time job and enrolled with the 'ANPE' (national labour agency) at the end of the month. As of February 2013 statistics of job seekers by age are based on the age at the end of the month, rather than the age on December 31. This change has no impact on the total number of job seekers, nor does it modify the series by age. Series have been backcast with this concept since 1996. Please see {FRJSOTSA Index <GO>} for Category 1 historical data.