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Finland Unemployment Rate

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7.0 - 11.8
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7.00 - 11.80
Finland Statistics Office Finland Unemployment Rate % Source : Statistics Finland Data is not seasonally adjusted so wide variations may occur. A person is classified as unemployed if he or she is aged 15 or over, does not have a job, has actively sought employment in the past four weeks and would be available for work within two. The unemployment situation is monitored monthly both with the sample-based Labour Force Survey of Statistics Finland and with the register-based Labour Exchange Statistics of the Ministry of Labour. Finland Unemployment Level As of the statistics of May 1998, statistics Finland has applied the same practices in its unemployment statistics as are used by Eu ostat. It also follows the recommendations of the ILO. For further economic s atistics type ECST <GO> and for economic news on Finland type TNI FINLAND ECO < O>.