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Anfavea Brazil Vehicle Sales Licensed

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52Wk Range
185,944.00 - 370,028.00
Other related indices: Vehicle Production {ALLX BZVP<GO>} and Vehicle Exports {ALLX BZVX<GO>}. ** When speaking about brands, it refers to the total amount of cars sold in Brazil per brand including both the ones produced locally as well as those imported. ** The Source: Anfavea represents manufacturers. This index BZVLTLVH, refers to domestic plus imported sales in Brazil. History is stored independently for monthly, quarterly and yearly frequencies. HP values for these frequencies may not match each other. Note that when only one frequency is stored in history, for the other frequencies, history is derived from that of the stored frequency. For example, HP W, HP M, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP D when only daily history is stored, HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M when only monthly history is stored. As another example, if both daily and monthly are stored, HP W will derive data from HP D, while HP Q and HP Y will derive data from HP M and so on.