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Brazil CPI Fipe MoM

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FIPE-monthly is a consumer price index for the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil's biggest metropolitan area. Fundacao Instituto de Pesquisas Economicos, the economics research division of Sao Paulo University produces this index. The figure measures inflation over a 4-week period ending 1 week prior to publication. It uses the previous 4-weeks as its period of reference. Its base period is 1994=100. The index reflects families whose incomes range from the national minimum wage to 20 times minimum wage (for minimum wage see, {BZMW Index<Go>}). FIPE breaks down into 7 categories: housing, food, transportation, personal expenses, healthcare, clothing and education. FIPE releases their CPI 4 times a month, with the final release representing monthly inflation. For weekly figures type {BZW CPI Index <Go>}. Brazil CPI decreased dramatically upon the implementation of the new currency, the Real, on 07/01/94. CPI-Fipe - Consumer Price Index from Fundacao Instituto de Pesquisas Economicas/University of Sao Paulo. The index reflects the cost of living of families with income of 1 to 20 minimum wages (for minimum wage see, BZMW Index <Go>) in the city of Sao Paulo. The index has monthly and weekly figures. For weekly figures type BZW CPI Index <Go>. Index with a base year of 7/94=100.