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Australia RBA Commodity AUD

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52Wk Range
79.20 - 88.30
1 Yr Return
As of Mar 2014 this series has been re-based from 2011/12 to 2012/13. Changes to individual commodity weights were generally around ½ percentage point, with the exception of the weight on metallurgical coal-which declined by 2 percentage points-and the weight on LNG-which increased by around 1 percentage point. For further details, please see: {} Indicator of the prices received by Australian commodity exporters - measured in terms of Australian $. This index is based on the prices of 18 major commodities exported by Australia, classified into 3 components: - Non Rural Commodities AURBNONA Index - Rural Commodities AURBRURA Index - Base Metals AURBBSMA Index and they are weighted according to the gross exports of each commodity The index is rebased every 5 years. The rebase of the index was 2001/2 and the commodity price weights for 1994/5 and 2001/2.