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Argentina Construction Activity YoY NSA

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-2.60 - 10.60
ISAC stands for Indicador Sintetico de la Actividad de la Construccion (Synthetic Indicator of the Construction Activity). This indicator shows the sector evolution regarding the demand behaviour of a group of basic, representative materials (cement, structural iron, ceramic tiles, paint, glass, bricks, pavement and pipes). There are 5 branches of the construction activity whose indices are weighed to build the general index: Housing (58.36%), other final use (Hotel, hospital, bank, etc.)(19%), oil-related (5.1%), roads (7.18%) and other public infrastructure (10.36%). Gross values base 1997 are taken, general index has a 1997 base as well. * Main source of prices are the producers of each basic material. ARCONACT Index = Seasonally adjusted index ARCONNAC Index = Non-seasonally adjusted index.