THE BLOOMBERG Professional service

You may have heard people refer to the “Bloomberg Terminal” when speaking about the Bloomberg Professional service. Historically, account holders did receive a physical terminal that connected to the Bloomberg mainframes to provide services.

Today the Bloomberg Professional service is a software solution not tethered to a specific physical system, with speeds and versatility far surpassing those possible in the days of the Terminal.


Tucked away at the edge of the tenth floor at Bloomberg’s headquarters, behind a darkened glass door, sits a very un-Bloomberg-like workspace. Cramped, cluttered, and lined by crowded shelves, there are multi-drawer spare-part bins, an industrial soldering iron, a microscope, and a lot of serious-looking electrical equipment. Just outside sit two hulking 3-D printers. Welcome to the Hardware Technology workshop. Read More…


To enhance your experience, Bloomberg provides a specialized keyboard with your account. Use of the special keyboard is not required, but it does provide color-coded keys specially programmed to execute common actions. While your PC keyboard can execute the same actions using keystroke combinations, the Bloomberg Keyboard gives you one-key functionality. The Bloomberg Keyboard also includes a built-in fingerprint scanner for our biometric authentication system.


You may also elect to have a Bloomberg flat-panel monitor. Although it is not required, Bloomberg flat-panel monitors are versatile, ergonomic and high-quality displays, with two independent screen panels attached to a space-saving frame. You may configure any number of monitors to expand your view of the Bloomberg Professional service to best suit your needs.


To authenticate your access to the Bloomberg Professional service, your finger image is scanned and associated with your account. A finger image scanner is embedded in the Bloomberg Keyboard, and a portable scanner—known as a B-UNIT® and approximately the size of a credit card—allows you to access your account from any location using Bloomberg Anywhere on a PC or mobile device.