With the Bloomberg Professional service an integral component in the workflow of more than 315,000 financial professionals around the world, we support it with an exceptionally deep level of support, including industry-leading customer service teams, available 24/7 in 160 countries.

Our Customer Support centers are more than just call centers: our experts are highly trained professionals with exceptional customer service who will understand your needs and are ready to respond within seconds.


The best customer support is the kind that knows what you need before you ask for it. Bloomberg experts are constantly monitoring the financial industry to identify opportunities for new features or functionality that customers will need as situations change. Bloomberg regularly deploys new screens within hours of identifying a potential need, while also listening to and acting upon customer feedback for long-term enhancements.


Contact Customer Support by phone or speak with a live functionality expert by launching Instant Bloomberg. Our experts can teach you how to leverage Bloomberg’s information, analytics, data and trading capabilities, whether you’re a new user or looking for tips on a feature you’ve just discovered.

Need a special formula, feature or function? Contact us, and our experts will guide you through developing your solution or build it for you.


At Bloomberg, we are always improving our products to provide more depth and breadth to our services. We listen to our users, maximize technology and roll out new features and capabilities, keeping you up to date as markets evolve.