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Whether you are a senior banker working from the road or a junior banker in need of fast, reliable market, company and industry information tools, the Bloomberg Professional service provides a tailored environment for tracking news, research, transactions and other key company developments.


Never miss a key development in your coverage universe. Stay abreast of deals, market movements and key developments among companies and industries when they happen. Quickly spot new areas of interest, and use Bloomberg’s full functionality to conduct deep analysis into potential transactions.


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With Bloomberg, you can quickly drill into individual M&A, equity and debt transactions to review deal terms, multiples, consideration and advisors, and see announced and upcoming deals. Develop custom league tables based on specific transaction parameters, and find buyers using our M&A screening tools.


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Bloomberg offers round-the-clock, mobile access via smartphones, tablets and laptops for senior bankers and easy Excel and Power Point integration for junior professionals, plus intuitive exporting of extensive company information into documents.


From M&A to IPOs, Bloomberg’s league tables are your one-stop shop for constant and timely access to the most comprehensive information available on capital markets representation.