Research forms the backbone of every new brilliant investment idea or strategy. In a world where more information is available than ever before, it pays to have the tools to organize and disseminate vast amounts of research with speed and efficiency.


Research Management

Integrate your content into the Bloomberg Professional service with ease and collaborate with speed and efficiency. Our Research Management solutions are flexible enough to handle multiple asset classes, different types of content and permissions across a range of groups. Manage content from your terminal or mobile device, and benefit from Microsoft Office and Outlook integration.

Broker and Independent Research

Bloomberg distributes research content from more than 1,500 broker and independent research providers. Follow your favorite analysts, be first to find that key insight and share it with your team – all within the Bloomberg Professional service. Powerful text search gives you access to a vast library of historical reports, while tagging and usage analytics help you monitor the value you are getting from research providers.


Get under the surface of equity-driving financial forecasts. Use a range of tools to prepare for earnings announcements and other events, so you can rapidly assess a company’s prospects. With a few keystrokes, view estimates across multiple measures for any time period, or view a particular metric across all your entitled providers in a single view. Gain transparency into the original document to understand a company’s guidance and delve into its earnings surprise history. Examine company growth over time per metric, perform ratio analysis and much more.