Idea Generation

Use the Bloomberg Professional service to uncover and develop themes that drive sustainable trading and investment alpha. Bloomberg puts you in touch with the best thinking on markets, finance, economics and policy—and consolidates it in one location. Global in reach, well-sourced and easily searchable, it spans more than 2,500 brokers and independent providers, as well as exclusive content from top-rated analysts and expert networks. Bloomberg Intelligence offers deep insight from a team of unbiased industry experts into profitability drivers, themes and key issues.

Idea Confirmation

The strength of your trading and investment ideas can be verified using Bloomberg’s advanced analytics. Use the Bloomberg Professional service to provide confirmation at every stage of your investment process. We deliver a full range of information on earnings, estimates, ratings, price targets, announcements and profitability to help you understand market consensus and compare your own estimates.

Configure our calendar to display corporate events, transcripts and audio recordings, while setting alerts for important global and real-time breaking news, research, price spikes volume moves, option activity or ratings changes.

Idea Publication

Our robust set of tools helps you create and share your research, estimates and proprietary data. Have complete authority over who can access research with rigorous permissioning by individual, team or department. Share and integrate your proprietary research and estimates with colleagues through a cost-effective and straightforward upload, conveniently searchable by ticker, industry, author or tags.

Collaboration & Distribution

Bloomberg offers innovative solutions to foster internal communication. Your proprietary content is seamlessly integrated within your firm’s portal, and Bloomberg’s research screen, trade messaging and charting tools enhance your existing workflow.

Alpha Capture

Our trade idea messaging delivers filtered, actionable ideas and tracks performance, bringing to light thinking and sectors in which brokers have the most conviction, and providing transparency to brokers who consistently produce alpha.

Analysis & Reporting

Bloomberg helps integrate your research into your portfolios and tie it to specific holdings, providing context for allocations and decisions. Bloomberg’s extensive Portfolio & Risk Analytics can be applied to trade ideas, so you can identify those with the most supporting evidence. Measure your analysts’ output and determine readership to identify the most valuable sources of research for your firm. Bloomberg offers a secure, consolidated archiving solution with retention services.