The Bloomberg Professional service goes beyond traditional news sources, offering exclusive and actionable coverage by more than 2,400 experienced journalists globally on one integrated platform.

In volatile markets, access to the fastest, most in-depth news is essential to gain an edge. Bloomberg’s award-winning coverage of companies, markets, economies, politics and governments ensures you get the headlines when you need them most. A single, easy-to-use function provides access to the big picture or a specific detail. You can tailor your news experience to suit your needs and interests and receive instant alerts whenever relevant stories break.


In addition to our own original content, the Bloomberg Professional Service carries more than 1,000 news sources in 30+ languages globally and provides a powerful search engine to capture content from 90,000 web sources and social media.

News That Moves Markets




Bloomberg’s reporters and editors create and curate news that matters to you. We have a wide set of specialized news analytics, including readership and publishing heat scores, sentiment and trend analysis. We monitor for changes in velocity in social media references around tickers, and we extract and structure data from within press releases and other original documents to speed the parsing of market-moving information.


In addition to the terminal, event-driven funds often purchase our event-driven news feed.
This is a low-latency feed of our news and our news analytics and data for algorithmic and quantitative trading.