Bloomberg Intelligence offers valuable industry and company data, interactive charting and written analysis with government and credit insights from a team of independent experts, giving trading and investment professionals deep insight into where industries stand today and where they may be heading next.

Our data-rich dashboards enable analysts, portfolio managersinvestment bankerstreasury, finance and investor relations experts to work efficiently, make actionable strategic decisions and build compelling investor presentations. Bloomberg Intelligence provides comprehensive views of different verticals and their key constituents and together with the power of the Bloomberg Professional service, gives you unsurpassed depth and breadth of insight into sectors and companies on one, integrated platform.

We cover more than 100 industries, companies,
and all major sectors


Dashboards allow users to quickly evaluate metrics and fundamental trends. Independent Bloomberg analysts organize data and perform quality control to provide users with trusted and complete views. Users can also see how different events in Washington and credit affect the industries and companies they cover.


You can easily access extensive content, from the macro picture to company-level operating, financial and valuation statistics. Data is aggregated from Bloomberg and third-party data contributors and incorporated quickly for rapid assessments. Bloomberg analysts offer powerful thinking on key performance factors, thematic issues, and profitability and valuation drivers.

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We cover more than 100 industries and all major sectors. A team of experienced, independent experts from major buy- and sell-side firms provides thematic and objective industry insights for dynamic analysis.

Kevin Tynan, Senior Autos Analyst

Drew Reading, Senior Homebuilding Analyst

Paul Sweeney, Senior Media Analyst

Sam Fazeli, Senior Health Care Analyst

Ken Hoffman, Senior Metals and Mining Analyst

Anurag Rana, Senior IT analyst