The Bloomberg Professional service offers a comprehensive Foreign Exchange platform to help currency professionals control exposure and risk while taking advantage of market opportunities. Integrating significant news resources, trusted data, rich analytics, commission-free trading and access to the most sophisticated community of market players, Bloomberg is the world’s premier, integrated FX solution.

Our FX platform delivers a vast range of market data and robust analytics on currencies and derivatives. Assess performance, analyze market drivers, quantify risk and evaluate hedging strategies, then optimize trade execution with our unrivaled array of advanced trading tools. Get live pricing from the most liquidity providers anywhere, execute trades at the best available prices, and leverage our solutions for regulatory mandates, compliance and reporting.





Having the right pricing information helps you make decisions with confidence. We offer pricing directly from major banks, brokers and liquidity providers worldwide, enabling complete and accurate price discovery. We deliver in-depth coverage of emerging markets, pricing for commodities and high-quality fixings.


We provide a powerful array of analytics to put our FX data into context, helping you understand market drivers and make informed decisions. Our FX tools and analytics enable you to compare currency performance on dozens of measures to gauge relative value. Conduct FX covered-interest arbitrage analysis, rank and compare currencies with multiple metrics for evaluating trade strategies, and access comprehensive options pricing, structuring and risk management. Complete term-structure analysis for all FX and interest rate curves, use advanced technical analysis and charting tools, conduct back testing and more. It’s a solution unmatched in breadth and depth.


Buy-side and sell-side professionals can seamlessly execute trades commission-free on our FXGO platform with access to a wide range of counterparties over Bloomberg’s reliable and secure proprietary network. FXGO lets you easily trade spot, forwards, NDFs, options, precious metals or deposits. Find liquidity in any currency pair or tenor, and choose among hundreds of global and regional providers to trade directly with local markets. Integrate with order management, treasury management and accounting systems, and gain from straight-through processing (STP) in a variety of flexible formats. FXGO offers access to more banks, and banks have access to more potential customers–for deeper liquidity, additional flow and better pricing.


The tightly integrated Instant Bloomberg (IB) network tool provides instant access to the world’s most sophisticated FX community, helping you know what’s moving—and who is moving it. Connect to your colleagues and trading partners with IB Dealing, a chat based trading tool that captures trade details directly from conversations and provides straight-through processing (STP) to your treasury management system or your back office.


Our cross asset and FX-focused news features experienced analysts and technical commentary that helps professionals understand economic, financial and political developments moving their markets. Our FX news team covers the entire globe, and all news on Bloomberg is integrated with our data, analysis and charts.