The Bloomberg Professional service has industry-leading data, analysis and solutions crucial for equity research, investment and trade execution—all on an integrated platform.

Our equities solution offers an unrivalled view on global, economic and industry trends, coupled with sophisticated tools to seize opportunities. You can identify investment ideas based on macro drivers, quickly execute trades and effectively manage portfolios.





Equities – Launchpad


Bloomberg helps you seize opportunities with a comprehensive real-time view of global economies and financial markets. We provide perspective on factors that affect regional markets, including fundamental data on 15,000 global indices with links to detailed information. Our Bloomberg Intelligence analysis platform tells you how sectors and industry verticals are performing and where they might be headed next.


The Bloomberg Professional service is your lens on developments shaping markets in real time. Access news with the power to inform your decisions with links to charts, company information and useful analytics.

We put you in touch with the best research resources from brokers and independent providers, exclusive content from top-rated analysts, as well as direct access to expert networks and Bloomberg analysts. Our Alpha Capture platform tracks the performance of proposed equity trades so you can share and evaluate ideas.


Track intraday performance of securities you’re focused on, so you’re ready to act on opportunities when they arise. See the markets change and be the first to react through Bloomberg Launchpad.

Our flexible trading platform seamlessly routes to nearly 2,500 broker destinations and includes more than 50 algorithmic suites. When you get an alert, one click opens a trade ticket: Bloomberg provides the only broker-neutral execution platform at no extra cost, integrated with industry-leading liquidity discovery tools. Whether you’re using Bloomberg’s EMS or another, route orders through our open FIX network to access liquidity and working-order analytics, as well as post-transaction cost analysis reporting.


Our financial and relative analysis helps you hone ideas and find chart patterns for determining entry and exit points, with additional tools for developing trading strategies. Use our office tools to populate your applications with live Bloomberg data.

Gauge the financial health of companies you follow with our detailed, comprehensive coverage of more than 45,000 companies globally.

For idea generation, our screening tools enable you to drill down from a macro view to a concrete list of securities. Discover and verify new alpha-generating investment strategies with factor back-testing, a powerful analytic tool that helps you understand historical performance and stability throughout different economic cycles.

Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution empowers you with the tools required to successfully implement optimal portfolio and targeted risk strategies. Charting on Bloomberg allows you to visualize information from macroeconomic indicators to intraday tick charts.

Environmental, Social & Governance Data

Bloomberg Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) products enable all investors across a range of asset classes to understand the risks and opportunities associated with potential investments or counterparties as the market continues to embrace ESG factors.

Bloomberg provides data on more than 120 indicators for approximately 5,000 publicly-listed companies globally, and is increasing coverage every day. Bloomberg also provides sustainability news, research, indices, funds, energy & emissions data, legal & regulatory as well as robust screening, scoring and other portfolio optimization tools.

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