Constantly changing commodity markets demand superior timing to identify risk, find value and improve profitability. Trust the Bloomberg Professional service as your first source for data and news, together with sophisticated analytic and valuation tools that add context and help you make decisions as markets move.

Bloomberg Commodities can be tailored to the specific needs of commodity professionals working in any industry. From pre-trade analysis to post-trade optimization, we help you navigate a world filled with volatility and risk so you can stay on top of markets and identify money-making opportunities.






Overlay our maps with everything from commodity news to vessel tracking, for powerful visual analysis. You can choose multiple streams of real-time information, such as weather events, power outages or plant capacities, and combine them in geographical context to instantly assess any situation.

Bloomberg Commodity Maps


You can search a vast array of fundamental and statistical commodity data points on inventories, stock levels and supply and demand, to quickly identify and analyze information most important to you.


Bloomberg offers unparalleled insight, transparency, real-time pricing and analysis on sectors you care about, including oil, natural gas, power, base and precious metals, agriculture, shipping, coal, carbon, renewables and more.


The Bloomberg Professional service helps you stay on top of events that shape the commodities world, so you can make better decisions in real time. Tools including customized alerts, filters and views give you the fastest, most comprehensive news available to help you pinpoint opportunities first.


Eliminate multiple niche solutions on your desktop in favor of our one platform that seamlessly integrates comprehensive data, insight and analytics. Capitalize on developments in all markets, from currencies to securities, across asset classes.


Use extensive data and customization features to create the charts you need to visualize information, find anomalies and discover your next big idea.


Price and analyze listed and OTC options, from vanilla to exotic.


Tailor Bloomberg Launchpad to create a customized view of the markets on one screen with data, charts, analytics, monitors and functionality to work faster and smarter.