Bloomberg provides context and transparency for financial, sovereign and policy risk factors characterizing emerging markets. Find, understand and demonstrate value across every emerging market asset class to the largest community of active trading partners globally.

Conduct due diligence across developing and developed economies on one, integrated platform offering unrivaled data and analytics.


Local News For Global Markets

The Bloomberg Professional service keeps you current with global financial news, analyst coverage, commentary and market data. See what’s happening in emerging market equity and debt, hear from decision-makers and get timely reports on foreign exchange flows, commodities, interest rates, elections and military conflicts—any factor influencing positions and trades.

Bloomberg brings you definitive coverage of companies, markets, industries, economies and governments in more than 160 countries, every hour of every day.

Regional And Cross-Asset Data

Our regional pricing data, forecasts, central bank policy information and other economic data, combined with the power of our charting platform, helps you make informed decisions and plan future strategies.

Market Transparency

Lack of transparency is a challenge in emerging markets, where corporate and financial disclosure remains sparse. From pricing to forecasting to trend analysis, the Bloomberg Professional service provides transparency at every stage.

Local Market Pricing And Analytics

Success in emerging markets requires a commitment to accurate and timely data. The Bloomberg Professional service enables you to monitor trusted, real-time pricing data across virtually any country within Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Access market-related news, research countries, and update data tables and graphics that track performance.


The Bloomberg Professional service provides unique, valuable collaboration tools that allow parties in developed and emerging markets to conduct business with powerful decision makers.