Integration Matters

Our charting integrates the entire scope of Bloomberg data, allowing you to create charts that consolidate all relevant information so you can quickly validate ideas, watch trends and generate value. Only on Bloomberg can you plot multiple instruments across every asset class. Compare company fundamentals, ratios and estimates with other companies, commodities, currencies and data, then create composites for a more comprehensive view of the market.


Draw from almost 200 technical studies and indicators, including those from well-known third-party contributors. We help you incorporate headlines and market-moving events and indicators as diverse as cycles, energy and agricultural. You can incorporate your own trade data or upload your firm’s custom content.

Complete Customization

Charting on Bloomberg is powerful and customizable, with numerous pre-packaged applications and shortcuts that allow you to jump quickly to charts and studies important to you. Start with a template, then choose from a vast array of customization tools to configure data and associated alerts. Create your own view of the markets with our annotations palette. You’re always ready to present ideas, with a few clicks all it takes to export charts into presentations with all annotations included.

Collaborate in Real Time

Communication and collaboration using charts is simple. You can share and co-edit charts with clients and colleagues throughout the Bloomberg community, in real time, through Bloomberg Launchpad and Instant Bloomberg. Compare ideas and build a common point of view.

Backtesting and Custom Studies

Design your own custom studies and share with colleagues and clients to generate profitable trade ideas. Use our backtesting tool to play out thousands of scenarios from a wide array of benchmarks to determine strategies and optimization techniques most profitable over time.