Campaign Wrap: Five Eastern Seaboard States Casting Votes

Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Connecticut all hold presidential primaries that polls indicate will give a further boost to the front-runners for each party’s nomination.

  • Polls close in each state at 8pm ET
  • Donald Trump appears set for major wins in all 5 states in the GOP race
    • He leads John Kasich and Ted Cruz by over 20 points in each one, according to RealClearPolitics average of polls
    • FiveThirtyEight gives him a greater-than 99% chance of winning Md., Penn., R.I., and Conn.; website didn’t analyze Del.
  • Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton has held steady lead over Bernie Sanders in Md., Del, and Pa.; polls are tighter in Conn. and R.I.
    • FiveThirtyEight says Clinton has 99% chance of winning Pa., 97% chance of winning Md., and 76% chance of winning Conn.; Sanders has 59% chance taking R.I.
  • Sanders’ senior strategist Tad Devine said the campaign will reassess its path forward tomorrow and decide how Sanders’ bid will continue, New York Times reports
    • “If we are sitting here and there’s no sort of mathematical way to do it, we will be upfront about that,” Devine said
  • Today’s results could put Sanders so far behind in pledged delegates that given Clinton’s hold on superdelegates, his nomination chances are almost nil


Sanders said on MSNBC he would give “very serious” thought to picking a woman as his vice presidential running mate

  • He said Sen. Elizabeth Warren “has been a real champion” for working class voters
  • His wife Jane Sanders said on CNN that the couple would release tax returns from before 2014 when Clinton releases transcripts of her paid. private speeches paid to Wall Street groups

Trump tweeted that newly announced Cruz-Kasich alliance to block him in key states already is “under great strain”

  • He said pact isn’t being honored, is “almost dead”
  • Trump also tweeted that Sanders should run as an independent since he’s been treated “terribly” by Democratic Party
  • Politico reports that Trump has shifted more power back to campaign manager Corey Lewandowski after becoming frustrated at new adviser Paul Manafort’s efforts to overstep his bounds

Kasich reiterated that his pact with Cruz to collaborate is simple matter of resource allocation, not indication he’s giving up his campaign

  • The Ohio Gov. said on NBC he’s not doing town halls or TV ads in Ind., “but I am in other states and I will be at” GOP natl convention


Trump canceled delegate-outreach trip to Va., according to Washington Post

  • Post cites logistics as reason


Republican lobbyist David Urban, who served as chief of staff to former Sen. Arlen Specter of Pa., is advising Trump campaign, Politico reports


GOP Sen. Pat Toomey said he voted for Cruz today in Pa.

  • Toomey may face tough re-election campaign in fall

Michael Geer, who leads Pennsylvania Family Council, endorsed Cruz


Trump moves foreign policy speech set for tomorrow from Natl Press Club in Washington to different venue

  • Address moved to the Mayflower Hotel, AP’s Jill Colvin tweets
  • Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur reported that speech is first in series Trump plans to portray himself as more sober and serious

Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said he doesn’t think Sanders has path to nomination

  • “Bernie should do what he wants to do,” he said

Trump registered his grounded airplane to Delaware-based limited liability company he controls, thus bypassing potential weeks of waiting for renewal of registration to previous company, New York Times reports


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