Ryan Is GOP ‘Consensus Candidate,’ Rep. Issa Says

“People continue to urge him, beg him,” to run for House speaker, Rep. Darrell Issa says.

  • Says Paul Ryan will go home and talk to family about the job
    • Issa tells CNN he would consider running for speaker “only” if Ryan doesn’t
  • Rep. Barry Loudermilk says Freedom Caucus could get behind Ryan
    • “He is someone who could unify the conference”
  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he “would not run against Paul Ryan”
  • Rep. Mark Meadows says Ryan hasn’t announced intentions in meeting
  • NOTE: Ryan’s spokesman, Brendan Buck, has said Ryan is not running for speaker
  • Speaker John Boehner told Republican meeting this morning that speaker needs to be picked by end of Oct., Rep. Ted Poe says
  • Rep. Dennis Ross says Boehner “is determined to get a debt-ceiling deal,” and would stick around past Oct. if needed
    • NOTE: Congress must raise debt ceiling next month

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