Clinton Calls for More ‘Shadow Banking’ Oversight to Curb Risk

Hillary Clinton, as part of plan to tackle what she calls Wall Street “abuses” and lack of accountability, says if elected U.S. president she would push to mitigate “dangerous financial risks” that can “lurk outside of regulated banks.”

  • Clinton’s proposals include:
    • Impose margin and collateral requirements on repurchase agreements and other securities financing transactions
    • Enhance disclosure requirements for repurchase agreements
    • Bolster leverage restrictions, liquidity requirements for broker-dealers
    • Boost reporting requirements for hedge funds, private equity firms; improve on Dodd-Frank’s “Form PF” so it “more fully captures” risk exposures
    • Review regulatory changes to money market fund industry to ensure rules are adequate
  • Enhance transparency requirements, disclosure for exchange-traded products
  • Strengthen Financial Stability Oversight Council so it is able to “tackle risks in the shadow banking system”
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