Rubio Proposes Business Tax Credit For Paid Family Leave

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio outlines proposal Friday to give businesses 25% non-refundable tax credit if they offer workers at least 4 weeks of paid family leave.

  • Leave would be limited to 12 wks, credit capped at $4k per employee
  • Rubio unveils plan at Values Voter Summit in Washington, saying his goal involves “creatively applying our free enterprise principles” to help families
  • Assails Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s proposal for mandatory paid family leave as one that would “place crippling requirements on private companies”
  • Clinton spokeswoman Christina Reynolds hit back, calling Rubio’s idea “an evidence-free proposal”
    • Reynolds: “Hillary Clinton knows that people shouldn’t have to win the boss lottery to get paid family leave, which is why she believes we must guarantee it”

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