Donald Trump: ‘Three Hours Is Too Much For a Debate’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump complained Thursday on MSNBC’s ’Morning Joe’ about the length of Wednesday’s GOP debate in California.

  • “Three hours is too much for a debate. Now it’s a long time to be debating,” Trump says. “If this would have been a two hour debate, it would have been a great debate. Three hours is really unacceptable”
    • Says CNN told him they’d be expanding it by an hour last week. “That means the advertising is so dense and so deep and they’re getting tremendous numbers per minute, per half minute, that they just added another 45 minutes to an hour to the debate that had nothing to do with anything else”
  • Trump on Jeb Bush’s claim that the billionaire tried to get Bush to expand gambling in Fla.: “A group that I knew wanted him to do it,” he said. “I wasn’t involved in it”

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