Warren Says ‘Doesn’t Know’ If Biden Running for President

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells ABC’s “The View” that Vice President Joe Biden has had a “tough time” with loss of his son and that he will have to make 2016 decision with his family.

  • Warren didn’t directly respond to question on whether she would be Biden’s running mate should he make White House bid
    • “This isn’t about me,” she says, adding that she will continue talking about issues, such as cutting interest on student loans, “no matter what”
  • Warren reiterated that she and Biden discussed policy, struggles of U.S. middle class at their Aug. 22 lunch in Washington, a meeting which fueled speculation that Biden is preparing to join presidential race
  • On why Republican candidate Donald Trump is generating so much interest with some voters, Warren says in some cases Trump is discussing “important things”; says she and Trump agree there should be more taxation on billionaires
  • Trump’s stance on immigration and deportation, though, means he “can’t be president,” Warren says in interview during the morning talk show’s season premiere
  • Warren notes that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is attracting “enormous amount of interest”; she didn’t discuss Hillary Clinton
  • NOTE: Last week, in interview with Boston Globe, Warren declined to directly answer whether Biden brought up idea of Biden-Warren ticket, even in jest, at their Aug. lunch; she only said it was a “long conversation”
  • NOTE: Warren is almost halfway through her 1st term as Mass. senator; she’s up for re-election in 2018
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