Trump Says U.S. Tax Code ‘Too Complicated’

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says U.S. tax code “too complicated” and that he seeks to put tax adviser H&R Block “out of business.”

  • Trump makes comment in response to question in N.H. on his policy positions on issues other than immigration
  • Says he plans to roll out a lot of “wonderful” policy plans
  • NOTE: Trump, in immigration plan unveiled last weekend, has called for end to birthright citizenship
  • Trump, in town hall event tonight in N.H., also repeated his criticism of the Iran deal, calling it a “disgrace” and predicting it would cause nuclear proliferation across Middle East and perhaps beyond
  • Vows to return jobs to U.S.; decries cos. like Nabisco leaving Chicago and moving a big plant to Mexico
  • Says U.S. car manufacturing should fully return to Michigan
  • Trump says while at jury duty in NYC earlier this week, he recoiled from writing on form that he is a “politician” and wrote “real estate” as his occupation instead
  • NOTE: GOP candidate Jeb Bush, also holding town hall tonight in N.H., said he hopes Congress votes down the Iran agreement
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