Sanders, Trump Both Denounce Big-Money Political Contributions

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders says his campaign has received more individual donations than any of his rivals, with ~350k Americans making contributions.

  • Average donation is $31.20, Sanders says at Democratic event in Iowa that also includes speeches from Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley and former Sen. Lincoln Chafee
  • Sanders calls for U.S. to move toward public funding of elections; says Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling is “undermining” U.S. democracy and must be overturned through Constitutional amendment
  • Earlier in news conference in N.H., Republican candidate Donald Trump stressed how he’s not reliant on rich donors and said he loves “idea of campaign finance reform
    • Trump says GOP rivals such as Jeb Bush would be “like a puppet” to big donors
    • “I don’t want money from people,” Trump said
  • Trump also said Bush’s Super-PAC should release the names of its contributors
  • Sanders said his campaign has gathered strength because people are “sick and tired with establishment politics, establishment economics and with the establishment media”
  • NOTE: Trump earlier said he attributes the popularity of Sanders to Americans looking for “real change”; notes that he and Sanders getting biggest crowds by far
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