Grassley, at Iowa State Fair, Says No 2016 GOP Favorite Yet

“If you ask me who would be the best candidate for president right now I can’t tell you, but I have great faith in the process,” Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, tells MSNBC.

  • On whether GOP contender Donald Trump is fit to be the Republican nominee, Grassley says it won’t be clear who is fit until around December after debates
    • “The cream rises to the surface, and if Trump is part of that cream he’ll rise,” Grassley says in interview from Iowa State Fair in Des Moines
  • Grassley says he plans to walk around fair today with Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, and with contenders Sen. Marco Rubio of Fla. and Ohio Gov. John Kasich next week
    • “I’ll do it with any candidate that wants me to as long as they do it the days that I’m here,” Grassley says, adding that he usually spends total of 2 days at the Aug. 13-23 fair
  • NOTE: Trump is set to arrive at fair tmrw by private helicopter, Washington Post reports; Trump plans to visit the butter sculpture of a cow, doesn’t plan to take questions at
fair’s Des Moines Register Soapbox
  • Republican Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad tells Washington Post he knows of no prior helicopter arrivals at fair; believes Trump is running “real campaign”
    • “Whether he’s willing to devote the time to go to as many places as some of the other candidates are going is the question,” Branstad says

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