Lindsey Graham is about to get a whole lot of voicemail.

During a campaign rally in Bluffton, South Carolina, on Tuesday, real estate mogul Donald Trump read out a phone number he said belonged to the state's senior senator. Both men are running for the Republican nomination for president and have sparred over Trump's tone on immigration and his comment that Graham's friend, Senator John McCain, is only considered a war hero because he got captured in Vietnam. Earlier Tuesday, Graham had said he was indifferent to whether or not Trump drops out of the presidential race as long as he stops “being a jacka--.”

Trump said Graham gave him the number a few years ago when he called to ask for a campaign donation and a “good reference” at Fox News, where Trump is a frequent guest. He then held up a yellow piece of paper with a phone number with the Washington, D.C., area code written on it.

“Give it a shot,” Trump said. “Your local politician, you know? He won't fix anything but at least he'll talk to you.” 

A call to the number went to voicemail, which played a recording of a woman's voice saying the number belonged to Graham. Graham spokeswoman Brittany Bramell confirmed it was the senator's number, and his campaign blasted Trump's tactic. 

“Donald Trump continues to show hourly that he is ill-prepared to be commander in chief,” Graham campaign manager Christian Ferry said in an e-mailed statement. “The two people most excited about Donald Trump's candidacy are Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Because of Trump's bombastic and ridiculous campaign, we aren't talking about Obama's horrible deal with Iran or Hillary Clinton's plans to continue Obama's failed national security agenda.”

Graham himself later tweeted that he was likely in the market for a new cell phone.


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