Holder Is Out! Donate Now!

Tom Cotton cashes in.

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As with just about everything that happens in election season, Eric Holder's resignation has created an opportunity to...raise money.  Because it's Washington.

The campaign of Representative Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican in a tight Senate race with incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor, fired out a fundraising e-mail less than three hours after Holder announced his departure from the job. Alleging a series of violations of the U.S. constitution, the missive first looked to be a rallying cry for Republicans to pressure the Obama administration on its nominee to replace Holder.  But Cotton's campaign craftily tied Holder's alleged transgressions into a fundraising pitch, noting that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is doing the same exact thing.

And you know what would happen if Cotton defeats Pryor? Reid may be forced into a Democratic minority, and Senator Mitch McConnell and a Republican majority would then control the hearings and vote on Holder's replacement. The Key line is here:

“Are you going to help? Or are you going to let these attacks on our constitution continue?”

The upshot: Watch for Obama to try to push through an attorney general nominee in the November lame duck session of Congress and any and all elected officials to never miss an opportunity to turn the day's news into a fundraising pitch. 

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