Philanthropy and service have always been an integral part of Bloomberg culture. This dedication goes back to founder Michael R. Bloomberg’s personal commitment to philanthropy and giving back, which have been driving forces throughout his career.

As a part of Bloomberg Philanthropies, the company’s philanthropy & engagement program supports causes and efforts where we believe the greatest good can be achieved. To find out more about Bloomberg Philanthropies, visit


Arts & Culture

Advancing creativity, innovation, access and new technologies in the arts through a wide range of dynamic cultural sponsorships.

Bloomberg Volunteers Start Up session with pupils from The Petchuy Acadamy, London.


Inspiring the next generation through the Bloomberg Startup education engagement program, which provides mentoring, tutoring, workshops and internship opportunities for students around the world.


Helping Neighbors In Need

Empowering individuals and organizations to help high-need communities and address local and international challenges in human services and public health.


Sustainability & the Environment

Supporting sustainability and environmental awareness to preserve natural resources and protect our planet.

Why philanthropy and engagement is so important to us: