Bloomberg’s philanthropy program lies at the core of the company’s culture, supporting charities and non-profit organizations around the world. Last year alone our philanthropic efforts extended to more than 50 cities worldwide. Through community service and charitable giving, Bloomberg philanthropy strives to make an effective impact on the surrounding neighborhood through a wide range of programs in the areas of health, sustainability, literacy, social welfare and the arts. The program reflects the unique and dynamic qualities of both the company’s mission and its employees through three main principles: Global Reach, Effective Engagement, and Innovation.

Global Reach

From New York to New Delhi, Haiti to Helsinki, from Brazil to Burma, Bloomberg’s philanthropy program reflects a global vision with local focus. The international campaigns on health, poverty, education, and disaster relief, address global issues by supporting employees who respond to local needs. Whether through medical programs for children with HIV/AIDS in São Paulo and Sydney, literacy projects in Mumbai and Madrid, or environmental initiatives in Tokyo and Tel Aviv, the company’s philanthropy program acts locally to effect positive change in the communities in which its employees live and work.

Effective Engagement

The scope and scale of the program allows employees to donate their time and skills in the way that suits them best. Employees are encouraged to take time out during the workday to mentor at nearby schools to improve child literacy, assist non-profits to plant local gardens and trees to improve nutrition and the environment, or deliver meals to ensure homebound adults have food and companionship during the day. Bloomberg engages employees to effectively address the day-to-day challenges facing our neighbors. The company’s corporate giving program further motivates and reflects employees’ interests through the Employee Matching Program and Dollars for Your Hours initiative.


Commitment to supporting new ideas and innovation exemplifies Bloomberg and is at the forefront of the corporate giving program best reflected in the Company’s support of performing and visual arts around the world. The company’s arts sponsorships range from multimedia guides to festivals for emerging international writers and choreographers, including funding for small grassroots performing arts organizations cultivating the next generations of dancers, musicians and playwrights. Bloomberg proudly sponsors public art installations serving both the general public and its employees, and commissions new work from emerging and established artists through its Bloomberg Space gallery in London. The company remains firmly committed to investing in new ways of bringing free arts programming to mass audiences around the world.

Additional Bloomberg Giving

In addition to the philanthropic activities sponsored by Bloomberg LP, founder Michael R. Bloomberg has pledged to donate the majority of his wealth during his lifetime through his individual and Foundation giving. Michael R. Bloomberg’s philanthropic giving is primarily dedicated to the following focus areas: public health, environment, government innovation, education and the arts. He has also contributed $1.1 billion to his alma mater, The Johns Hopkins University.

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