LONDON — Bloomberg Sports (BSports), the world leaders in
sports analytic technology, today unveiled its purely objective
projections for the 2013/2014 UEFA Champions League, tipping
Barcelona to win the Champions League ahead of Bayern Munich.
Along with this, all England-based teams are projected to
qualify from their respective groups, with Chelsea having the
best chances of winning the tournament.

The projections are available online
( alongside updated
projections for Europe’s top five leagues.

Tournament Winner: Barcelona defy the bookmakers

These uniquely objective, data-driven projections provide odds
for each team winning the tournament, winning their group and
qualifying from their group. They also highlight where
bookmakers have either undervalued or overvalued certain teams.

-Compared to bookmakers, BSports gives Barcelona a better chance
to win (21.3%) than Bayern Munich (18.9%).

-Real Madrid (16.7%) are the most likely team to push Barcelona
and Bayern Munich.

-Chelsea (8.9%) have better odds of winning the Champions League
than both Manchester-based clubs.

-BSports data indicates Manchester City (7.2%) have a better
chance of winning than Manchester United (6.4%).

Group Stages: English Teams to qualify for Round of 16

-Despite David Moyes’ inexperience in the Champions League, Man
Utd are favourites to qualify (84.8%) from Group A. They are
also favourites to win the group at 60.9%.

-In Group F, the so-called ‘group of death’, little separates
Arsenal (62.6%) & Dortmund (60.9%) for the top two places.

-Man City (87.2%) and Bayern Munich (94.9%) are both expected to
qualify from Group D, however City’s chances of winning the
group are almost half Bayern Munich’s, with tougher opponents
likely in the next round.

-BSports gives Chelsea a better chance (77%) of winning Group E
compared to bookmakers and they are almost odds-on to qualify
(95%) from their group.

“BSports are adding our mathematically-derived predictions to
the Champion’s League debate, just as we did with the
projections for the top five European leagues” said Bill
Squadron, President of Bloomberg Sports. “Our purely data-driven
method of projecting outcomes has already proved highly
accurate. Since the start of last year, our Match Analysis tool
has shown at least 5% of value in over 46% of matches, with a
net profit of +34.41 units.”

Alongside these projections, BSports’ free Match Analysis tool
presents the probable outcomes of every Champions League match.
It even updates the odds of each result every minute throughout
the game, providing fans with unique insights and bettors with
pure, math-driven odds that they can then compare to what the
bookmakers are offering, ultimately helping them ‘Beat the
Bookie’. Match Analysis is available at

About the Projections

The projections are uniquely data-driven and take into account
recent and historic performances of each club, transfer activity
and the result of the recent Group Stage draw. Bloomberg Sports
will continue to update these projections throughout the
tournament, taking into account recent domestic league
performances and Champions League results (with stats available
on Match Analysis).

About Bloomberg Sports

Launched in 2010, Bloomberg Sports takes the technology
developed by Bloomberg, the leading global provider in data and
analytics, and applies it to the vast data analysis
opportunities in sports. The company’s latest consumer product
for European football, “Match Analysis,” is a powerful
predictive and analytic tool forecasting game results. They
recently launched “Stats Insights,” a comprehensive blog that
contains original content and analysis for the five major
European football leagues.

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