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Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, Every Day

While the 21st century brings with it the global challenge of limited resources, changing weather patterns and booming populations, there are game-changing innovations and efforts under way that make us believe in a brighter future ahead. At Bloomberg, every day is Earth day. And on this official Earth Day we are focusing on the actions that can be taken – by individuals, organizations and cities – locally, that can have a global impact in fighting the impacts of global climate change.

To do our part as an organization and as individuals, we are encouraging our employees to take actions that will have a positive impact on both the environment and potentially their wallets. As a result we have identified six opportunities they can take that will help make a difference.

Need to Know

The Years of Investing Dangerously

Check out the Institutional Investor story on the current and future risks that climate change presents for investors and the companies in their portfolios.

Get to Know

From Trash to Flash

From Trash to Flash

You've heard of recycling and maybe even down-cycling, but what about up-cycling? That's when you take an item of lesser value and turn it into something of higher value.



Bloomberg supports more than 100 environmentally-focused organizations worldwide. This spring, the company is planting and caring for 10,000 trees, which absorb carbon and reduce the greenhouse gas effects associated with climate change.