Amazing things happen at Bloomberg every day thanks to the leadership of Dan, Peter, Beth, Tom and Matt. They lead the teams who make the remarkable happen – the business and tech innovators who create and improve Bloomberg’s products… the sales drivers who extend Bloomberg’s reach, displace a competitor, save a client… the news makers who uncover the story, report it first and affect an industry… the customer and culture champions who go the extra mile to understand the needs of our clients’ businesses and provide exceptional service.

Peter T. Grauer
Chairman of Bloomberg L.P.

Peter T. Grauer is Chairman of Bloomberg L.P. He has been a member of the Bloomberg Board since October 1996 and was named Chairman of the Board in March 2001, succeeding Michael R. Bloomberg. Grauer joined Bloomberg full time in his executive capacities in March 2002.

Beth Mazzeo
Chief Operating Officer of Bloomberg L.P.

Beth Mazzeo is Bloomberg’s Chief Operating Officer, with responsibility for Operations, Professional Development, Career Development, and Administration (including Global Facilities, Purchasing, Printing and Mailing Services, Supply Chain, Global Real Estate, Distribution and Asset Management). She is also a member of Bloomberg’s Management Committee.

Thomas F. Secunda
Vice Chairman & Global Head of Financial Products & Services

Thomas F. Secunda is the global head of Bloomberg’s Financial Products and Services, serves on the board of directors, and is one of the founding partners of Bloomberg L.P., which was established in 1981. He was named Vice Chairman in August 2011.

Matthew Winkler
Editor-In-Chief of Bloomberg News

Matthew Winkler is editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, the global news service he founded with Michael Bloomberg in 1990 when he joined the then eight-year-old financial information company Bloomberg L.P. He became a member of the Bloomberg L.P. board in 2006.