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Posts - December, 2013

Apple TV Screen Shot 1.2

Another Bloomberg First: Delivering Live Business News to Apple TV

December 11, 2013

I think it’s fairly well accepted these days that online video consumption (web, mobile and connected devices) will not only grow substantially over the next few years, but it will be a central piece of the overall media mix. We are starting to see early signs of this at Bloomberg. … MORE

Bloomberg Businessweek Senior Editor Diane Brady welcomes guests and honorees at The Civic 50 event on December 5 in New York City.

Companies Agree:
You Have to Give to Get

December 9, 2013

More businesses are giving employees the opportunity to work with community organizations and finding that it simultaneously increases their bottom line and employee satisfaction, according to the results of The Civic 50 survey published by Bloomberg. The Civic 50 survey, now in its second year, was developed by the nation’s … MORE

Fostering Transparent, Efficient Markets

December 9, 2013

Bloomberg has always believed in fostering a more transparent, efficient financial marketplace. As a result, we have provided any eligible market participant with access to our derivative trading platforms for over a decade. Impartial access has applied to our swap execution facility (SEF) since its launch in October. So long … MORE

David Dwyer

Bloomberg Industries Pioneers ‘Disruptive’ Research

December 5, 2013

In the beginning, there was data. Then came analytics; and then there was news. Now Bloomberg Industries (BI), the company’s research product, brings these elements together in a package that helps customers quickly identify and interpret the most relevant content. BI’s research speaks to the entire ecosystem of an industry, … MORE


Introducing our Carbon Risk Valuation Tool

December 5, 2013

It’s well known that fossil fuels are a limited resource. But recently investors have become increasingly focused on the notion of the “carbon bubble,” which hypothesizes that concerns over climate change could lead governments to mandate energy companies to keep a significant portion of their oil, gas and coal reserves … MORE