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Introducing the Revamped Small Business Section on

October 2, 2013

Running your own company can be as overwhelming as it is rewarding. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling a new substance meant to replace food, breaking into a hot tech accelerator, or manufacturing kitchen countertops. Competitive pressures, regulations, and a myriad of other forces affect entrepreneurs across industries, from Main … MORE

Kevin Brancato, Senior Defense Analyst

$1 Billion a Day: How the Govt. Shutdown Affects Defense Contractors

October 1, 2013

A government shutdown affects Americans in different ways – everything from no seasonal flu program to the shuttering of 400 national parks and museums to limited Veterans’ benefits. Companies doing business with the government are no different. Defense contractors face a $1 billion loss every day the government is closed. … MORE


Bloomberg Provides the First Word on Currency Markets

October 1, 2013

Those operating in the currency markets work in a dynamic environment and receive a constant flow of news and information from all angles, at all times. Separating the insight from the noise – in real time – can make the difference in the day’s outcome. That is the crux behind … MORE