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Posts - November, 2012

Bloomberg Brings Together Australia’s Most Influential Women in Business and Finance

November 30, 2012

Recent statistics show the discussion around women in senior executive positions isn’t dying down anytime soon, especially in Australia.   This week, Bloomberg teamed with Chief Executive Women (CEW) to facilitate dialogue among some of Australia’s most influential women in finance and business.( CEW is a member-based organisation that aims … MORE


Bloomberg App Portal Goes Global

November 28, 2012

  I am just back from my world tour where Bloomberg brought together some of the best minds in financial software. We hosted a series of events in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore where hundreds of tech enthusiasts and business and financial professionals were given a special opportunity to … MORE

Bloomberg Muse: The View from Inside

November 27, 2012

Moving from whiskey tasting to art opening, from charity event to concert hall is all in a day’s work for Muse, Bloomberg’s art and culture team. Muse follows the money: writing about art auctions, wine futures, restaurant price fluctuations as well as the latest gadgets, luxury automobiles and the hotspots … MORE

Call for 2013 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers

November 19, 2012

The competition is getting heated for the “2013 Bloomberg New Energy Pioneers” award. (I blogged about it last month…We reward the biggest game-changers in the fields of clean energy technology and innovation.) Hundreds of applications have been requested across industries including bio energy, water, software solutions, solar, wind, smart grid, … MORE

Dodd Frank Won’t Drive Financial Stability, According to Bloomberg FX12 Summit Attendees

November 19, 2012

  While the results of the election are in, the impact of the outcome on the global financial markets is far from certain. That’s why last week we gathered more than 270 of our foreign exchange clients in our New York headquarters to hear from top industry and government leaders … MORE

FX 2012: The year’s timeliest conference

November 16, 2012

Ahead of Bloomberg’s FX12 event this past Wednesday, I tweeted “fx12: the timeliest conference of 2012.” I proved to be right. Wall Street faces a changing and uncertain regulatory environment and an even more changing and uncertain global economic outlook. Those were the prevailing themes of the evening and provided … MORE


November 14, 2012

On Thursday, November 8th Tradebook, Bloomberg LP’s global agency broker hosted its first annual Trick-or-Trade Charity Day event, where the day’s trading commissions were donated to a diverse group of charities. The event, originally scheduled for October 30th, took on added meaning and purpose after being rescheduled as a result … MORE