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Posts - September, 2011

Bloomberg Pushes Boundaries in Mobile Radio with New App for iPhone & iPod Touch

September 18, 2011

Former President Bill Clinton; George Soros, the billionaire best known for breaking the Bank of England, George Papandreou, Prime Minister of Greece; and Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund –They’ve all been guests on Bloomberg Radio, and now you’ll be able to listen to them and others … MORE

Introducing Personal Finance on

September 15, 2011

Staying on top of your personal finances has never been more important or more challenging. Fixed-income investors struggle to find yields that match the rate of inflation, let alone top it. Stock market investors contend with an uncertain, nerve-wracking environment and the prospect of lower long-term returns. It all means … MORE

Content is Dead; I Don’t Think So

September 14, 2011

Recently, there’s been some news about online advertising that claims Internet companies aren’t making money from ads displayed around original content. Really? Not in our experience. This is an argument that I thought was worth discussing further. The argument: Online ads are sold in a supply-and-demand marketplace, and the ever … MORE

Debuting Tonight: TechStars on Bloomberg TV

September 13, 2011

Six companies; six weeks of intense competition; millions of dollars at stake. Airing tonight on Bloomberg Television (9pm ET/PT) is the premiere episode of “TechStars,” which invites viewers inside one of the world’s most elite tech incubators.  Each week (same time same place), the 30-minute program documents the high stakes … MORE