State Slogans: Hits and Misses of the Tourist Traps

May 16 (Bloomberg) -- Stressed budgets, states, and cities around the country are battling for tourist dollars. One key component? A slogan. The state of Nebraska has a new ad out and a new slogan: "Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice." But will this new campaign bring crowds to the Cornhusker state? Bloomberg's Phil Mattingly takes a look at which states do it best and if these taxpayer-funded marketing campaigns are really worth it.

'The Triumph of William McKinley': Charlie Rose
51:24 - On "Charlie Rose," a conversation with Karl Rove. He is an author, a columnist, and a political strategist. He was the Deputy White House Chief of Staff and senior adviser to President George W. Bush. His new book is called “The Triumph of William McKinley: Why the Election of 1896 Still Matters.” (Source: Bloomberg)
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