Jim Glickenhaus: The Ferrarri Fanatic

Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Wall Street titan Jim Glickenhaus takes Trish Regan and Bloomberg Pursuits for a ride in one of his custom Ferraris and gives us a glimpse inside his garage to peek at his multi-million dollar rare car collection. Glickenhaus speaks as part "Bloomberg Pursuits" on Bloomberg Television.

Jobs Data and Global Growth
51:42 - European shares fell for the fifth time in six days, indicating lingering pessimism about global growth prospects, as investors awaited a key U.S. labor report. Stocks have fallen since reaching a three-month high in April as investors questioned the extent of the recovery despite declining profits, disappointing economic data and concern about the efficacy of central-bank stimulus. Commodity producers, which led a rebound that pushed the Stoxx 600 up by as much as 16 percent from a February low, have been the most hurt in the ensuing slump. JPMorgan Chase Global Market Strategist David Stubbs discusses jobs data and the Fed with Bloomberg's Francine Lacqua on "The Pulse."
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