Lonely Souls Look for Love in China

Feb. 14 (Bloomoberg) -- It's Valentine's Day but a growing number of people in China are having a hard time finding TRUE lasting love. The number of marriage registrations in the big cities is falling and, in a country where men outnumber women, it's the girls who're left on the shelf. Stephen Engle reports from Beijing. (Source: Bloomberg)

Why Is This Painting Valued at $20 Million?
16:20 - Southeby's is coming up to its giga-week of auctions, totalling over $500 million in artwork. One of the main lot for sale is a Fauvist painting by Andre Derain, potentially selling for $20 million. Bloomberg Pursuits' Art Columnist James Tarmy explains what makes this painting so valuable. (Video by Adam Wolffbrandt)
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