Indian Deaths Force Court to Confront Troubled Seas

Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- The Italian-flagged Enrica Lexie was sailing off the coast of India on Feb. 15 when two marines protecting a commercial tanker shot at a boat they thought contained pirates. Indian officials say it was an unarmed fishing boat. The shots killed two fishermen on board. The state of Kerala is trying to prosecute the soldiers while Italy has argued in India's Supreme Court that Kerala has no jurisdiction. If the criminal case goes ahead it would be the first attempt to hold armed maritime guards accountable for the deaths of innocent people in an anti-piracy operation. (Source: Bloomberg)
How Toshiba Designed a Robot to Survive Extreme Radiation
38:20 - Honeybee Robotics co-founder Stephen Gorevan discusses Toshiba sending a robot into the Fukushima nuclear plant and how artificial intelligence could power robots in space. He speaks with Bloomberg's Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)
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