The Tiny Folding Car That Can Go Anywhere

April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Increased urban density is ushering in an entirely new class of electric vehicles designed for commuters. They're called last-mile-vehicles -- designed for folks who need wheels primarily to get them from the subway or train station to their office and then back home again. Enter Urb-E -- a folding electric vehicle that can go 20 miles on a single charge.

Middle Managers May Be Blocking Innovation
20:23 - A new Deloitte report says 90 percent of Corporate Canada lacks courage. Does that explain the country's abysmal corporate R&D ranking? Bloomberg TV Canada's Amanda Lang speaks to Craig Haney, who was manager of innovations at Canadian Tire and now director of corporate innovation at Communitech. He says senior executives seem to get the need to innovate, but middle management is worried their jobs could drastically change or disappear. (Source: Bloomberg)
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