George Soros: Is Syria His Next Project?

Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Billionaire investor George Soros speaks to Bloomberg's Francine Lacqua about the humanitarian crisis in Syria and Iran's position in the world.

Is Doing Business With Russia Ever Easy?
04:45 - Russia began trade retaliation against Turkey for downing one of its warplanes over Syria as President Vladimir Putin prepared to hold talks with French leader Francois Hollande on combating Islamic State militants. Agricultural products from Turkey will be subjected to additional border checks and laboratory controls, which follows a call by Russia’s Federal Tourism Agency late Tuesday for tour operators to halt sales of trips to Turkey, citing the risk of terrorism in a country visited by millions of Russian tourists every year. Russia also announced a ban on poultry imports from Turkey’s CP Standart Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret ASA supplier starting Dec. 1, Interfax reported Wednesday.
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