Mongolia Road to China May Start With Trade Hub

July 5 (Bloomberg) -- Lying beneath Mongolia’s storied lands are an estimated $1.3 trillion in mineral resources that could redraw global commodity maps and turn the nation, whose cultural icon remains the nomadic herder, into the next Kuwait or Qatar. Towns along the border with China are rising out of the disorientating vastness of the southern Gobi desert, thriving off their biggest trading partner. Still, Mongolia is a nation torn, between a distrust and a need for their neighbors. Bloomberg's Yuriy Humber reports. (Source: Bloomberg)
Cuban Envoy Says Progress Made on Normalizing U.S. Ties
53:48 - Feb. 27 -- Cuban Director of U.S. Policy Josefina Vidal speaks about negotiations on normalizing diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. She speaks at a news conference in Washington.
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