Singapore Attempts to Curb Housing Bubble With Caps

Singapore will restrict home-loan maturities in a bid to curb a housing bubble after property prices in the island-state rose to a record last quarter amid low interest rates.

Fall of Turkish PM Triggers EU Migrant Deal Doubts
16:46 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi insisted that the European Union’s deal with Turkey on migrants must be implemented despite the imminent departure of the country’s premier. “We’ve made good progress on the agreement with Turkey,” Merkel told a joint news conference after talks at Renzi’s Rome residence on Thursday. “The European Union, or at least Germany and Italy, are prepared and stand by the commitments that we’ve agreed to. We hope that’s mutual.” Bloomberg's Tony Czuczka reports on "The Pulse" with Francine Lacqua.
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