The World's Largest Sound System Can Kill You

Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) -- The Large European Acoustic Facility, or LEAF, is a sound system so loud, its creators say it can kill you. At 154 decibels, it's roughly equivalent to having several jet planes take off next to you. The LEAF is owned by the European Space Agency, which uses it to test whether its satellites can survive the acoustic assault of liftoff. Bloomberg Businessweek's Sam Grobart reports. (Source: Bloomberg)
Four Reasons McDonald's Needs a Turnaround Plan
13:35 - McDonald's has gotten rid of the Deluxe Quarter Pounder burger and six chicken sandwiches in its U.S. stores in an effort to speed up its kitchens and simplify customers’ choices. But the menu trim might not be enough to boost sales. Bloomberg takes a look at some of McDonald's biggest missteps in recent months. (Source: Bloomberg)
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