Drifting: The Heart-Pounding, Rubber-Burning Sport

Oct. 25 (Bloomberg) –- Russia's most easterly city, Vladivostok, is famous for its trade in second-hand Japanese vehicles. Access to those fast cars has made it the home of Russian drifting -- a fast-paced motorsport that's moved from street to stadium in just a few years. As part of the "Further East" series, one of the city's champion drifters takes Bloomberg Television's David Tweed for a spin. (Source: Bloomberg)

TransCanada Among Winners From Alberta's Carbon Policy
59:57 - TransCanada and Enbridge are among the renewable energy producers poised to emerge as winners from Alberta's new low-carbon policies. Analysts indicate the companies set to gain will be those who can finance new wind and solar power projects. Pamela Ritchie speaks with Jeremy van Loon, Bloomberg’s Bureau Chief in Calgary for more details. (Source: Bloomberg)
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